Although acrylic  is a very durable, please be mindful not to scratch the surface, particularly on solid colour (as opposed to glitter).  We recommend keeping your Little Red Head goodies in a pouch of some kind, or in a separate space in your jewellery box to avoid scratches.

Common sense here, just don't get them wet, it will spoil them! 

Raw brass components used in our designs have been sealed with a professional restorative wax. This means they will be splash proof to a certain degree but it's really best not to get brass wet as it will oxidize as time goes by (in the same way that sterling silver does).  Simply use a metal polish to bring raw brass components back up to their bright, shiny state.

Hairspray and perfume
It's always best to avoid spraying perfume or hairspray while wearing your earrings.

Ear wires
Prolong losing your hand forged ear wires by wearing those little rubber backs with a dangle earring.  Ear wires should typically remain in place, but they may decide to wiggle around and jump out of your ears if faced with disco dancing, exercise, acrobatics, or smooching!