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Jewellery Care

Although perspex is a very durable material, please be mindful not to scratch the surface, particularly on solid colour (as opposed to glitter).  I recommend keeping your Little Red Head goodies in a little pouch, or in a separate space in your jewellery box that won't come into contact with other earrings that may scratch them.  Doing this will keep them scratch free for longer!

Often when I wear my perspex earrings, people like to touch them.  Whilst it's great to get the attention, they leave their finger prints on the perspex.  This is when you bring out your glass cloth...a quick wipe and they are like new again! 

We use premium varnished wood in our designs, which means they have some protection from water spills and stains.  However, it's best to avoid getting any wooden jewellery wet at all.  I would advise that you do not wear any wooden earrings in the shower or to swim, particularly if they have been hand painted.  All of our hand painted items have been sealed 2 and 3 times to preserve colour and make them splash proof, but swimming in them are an absolute no no i'm afraid.

Any raw brass used in our designs have been sealed with a professional restorative wax. Again, this means that they will be splash proof to a certain degree but it's really best not to get brass wet at all.  As time goes by, raw brass may oxidize (in the same way that sterling silver does), at which point you may need to use a metal polish to bring raw brass components back up to their bright, shiny state. Once polished, they be back as good as new and are very durable!

Thank you for taking care of your Little Red Head goodies.